Coney Island, Maybe

Coney Island, Maybe

“Let’s spend the day at Coney Island. Our feet will never touch the ground, and the world will cease to exist.”

“You don’t like rides.”

“But I like the sand. We’ll have hot dogs and beer.”

“You don’t eat meat.”

“Then I’ll drink beer. I’ll get on the Ferris wheel.”

“You don’t like things that spin.”

“Then I’ll puke, and it will be fine.”

“Let’s not waste a day on things you don’t like.”

“I want to like them.”

“The world will always exist. It will exist while we wait in line, and while we try to get by people taking their time.”

“They’ll be a part of the day.”

“Let’s stay in, and enjoy it here.”

“Like we always do.”

“It’s what we do.”


“You don’t even like amusement parks.”

Candess D. Webster