Profile picture 8-12-15Candess Webster is a fiction writer with a strong focus on short stories. Originally from Rialto, California, Candess has been living in New York City for the better half of a decade pursuing her passion for writing.

Her interest in writing began at the age of 10, when her mother bought Candess her first journal. At the time, she encouraged Candess to use journaling as a tool for self expression. By age 19, while completing her freshman year at the University of La Verne in California, Candess had come to the realization that writing was her calling in life. It was her composition professor that guided her in this direction after reading a piece of work that Candess had submitted for class. At 21, Candess’ passion for writing brought her across the country to New York City, where she attended The New School and graduated in 2010 with a BA in Arts in Context. Having worked primarily on short stories for the past number of years, Candess is now in the process of completing her first novel.